Choosing The Right Contractor To Install Your Windows

Installing windows can be a simple operation; however, if done wrong, the results can leave a dramatically negative impact on your home. Avoid the perils of poor installation of windows with these tips for choosing the right contractor. 

There is no such thing as too much caution when choosing a contractor to do even the most minor work on your home. When you’re looking to have something more complex, like the installation of new windows, you need to put even more effort into finding the right company for the job. The more the company will be doing to your home, the higher the risk of receiving poor quality workmanship that could damage your home, creating a need for expensive repairs. There are many ways that clients can protect themselves and find the best contractor to install new windows in any home.

Certifications Are Crucial

The first qualification you should check when considering a particular company is whether they have the relevant certifications. If you have chosen to install a particular brand, make sure the contractor is a certified installer for that brand and possesses all required state and local licenses. It should be easy to check with your local government to determine what exactly is required to install windows in your area. It can often be worth the research if you end up exposing your would-be contractor as a fraud. While this is rare, it’s always better to check now than to be unpleasantly surprised later.

Get References For Windows, Not Just General Work 

Most people who choose to hire a contractor ask for references. The problem is that they often don’t think to ask for references relating to the particular type of work they’re seeking. If you want to have your windows replaced, you need to ask for references from homes where your contractor has previously installed them. You should expect a minimum of 10 completed jobs; 20 would be even better. Make sure the list includes addresses and phone numbers of the clients, and don’t hesitate to call them up and ask how the company did.

If possible, you should go to at least five of the homes from that list and actually see the work yourself from the inside as well as outside. There are many things you should be aware of as you look, and be sure to ask the owners of the home you visit, if possible. 

Is the caulking attractive? Does it seem to be peeling away from the glass or its housing?

Are the installations properly shimmed and leveled? Have the proper accommodations have been made in the siding? Is the area around the new windows properly insulated, preferably with spray foam? Have there been problems with drafts after installation? Was the crew professional? Did they show up on time? Were there any unexpected cost increases? Did you hear anything overwhelmingly positive or negative from the references you checked?

Be Sure Your Contractors Are Members Of The Relevant Professional Associations

There are numerous professional organizations which seek to improve the contracting business and help contractors continue perfecting their trade. The Certified Contractors Network is one of the most prominent. The organization and its members have helped create significant improvements in overall service and quality of work for clients around the country. While the organization embraces contracting as a whole rather than focusing on a specific area like windows, membership indicates that the company is dedicated to quality and superior service. 

Watch The Installation

After you have chosen a contractor and scheduled the work, do everything possible to be there yourself when the windows go in. If something looks strange, don’t hesitate to ask about it. Your contractor should be happy to explain it to you, and if they can’t, you’re within your rights to stop the work. Remember, it’s almost always easier and less costly to cease work now than to fix problems later. 

With the right windows company, installing your new windows will be a breeze. Getting it done right the first time is simply a matter of doing your homework, checking the references, and being willing to ask tough questions while the job is proceeding. Do this with confidence, and you’re doing everything you can to get the best results possible. 


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