Impact Windows Installation Service in Miami Gardens FL

Impact Windows Installation Service in Miami Gardens FL

If you stay in Florida, hurricanes are a constant threat you have to live with. Especially in areas like Miami gardens and around the coastline of Florida, which are humid throughout the year and are susceptible to hurricanes and storms, it is essential to have impact windows and doors to keep your home from bad weather. Click to call us below!

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If you want to install impact windows and doors to protect your homes from hurricanes in and around Miami Gardens, you have reached the right place. We are the number 1 service provider for installing high-impact windows and doors in Miami Gardens and surrounding areas, and we will protect your homes from hurricanes and storms. Now, if you have never heard of impact windows or are unaware of their benefits, here’s our quick guide to help you through.

Impact windows have sturdy frames that resist the high impact of stones, falling trees, and debris during a storm or hurricane and protect your home. The impact windows have highly resistant glass made using a unique glazing process that prevents the shattering and breaking away from the frame, unlike ordinary glass. The impact windows go through several tests designed by authorized bodies like the Miami-Dade and Florida building codes that certify the quality of their resistance. To safeguard your homes and offices from structural damage, it is a good idea to go for these impact windows and doors.

The Benefits of Installing Hurricane Impact Windows

Apart from the days of hurricanes and storms, these windows can protect you from thieves and burglars as they are very hard to break into, so installing impact windows will improve the overall safety of your home. The impact windows come in several glass options for you to choose from. You can select the high-energy efficient option of tinted laminated glass with a low emissivity coating that will help you to reduce your power bills. This option is best for warm climate areas like Miami Gardens and the coastline regions of Florida. In addition, the impact windows can further save you by lowering your insurance costs.


Have Peace of Mind of Proper Installation of High-Quality Impact Windows

The impact windows come with long life and give value for money, and they can even help you to reduce damage to your home interior by UV rays by up to 99%. If you have noisy neighbors or live on busy streets, impact windows will help you to soundproof your home and give you peace of mind. Suppose you are about to build a new home or building. In that case, you should choose impact windows but interestingly, impact windows and doors can also be fitted to existing homes without much remodeling. We have a variety of styles of impact windows in the market you can choose from, and picking one that suits your home can be tricky, so here is our guide on some of the top-selling styles of impact windows that will protect your home without compromising on aesthetics.

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Impact Windows and Doors Miami Gardens


Hurricane Windows Models Categories

Windows come in three types of materials: aluminum, wood, and vinyl, and these are the styles you can choose from: Double sash: Also known as the double hung windows, these windows consist of two glass panels that you can slide up and down. This is a very traditional style of impact window and is well suited for a European or colonial-style home. Casement: Casement windows come with hinges and open out just like doors. These windows have a cranking mechanism for easy opening and are more suited to American-style homes. Bay style: If you are looking for windows that protrude from your home walls, you should choose this style. These windows look fabulous for curved walls or bay areas of your home and have a polygonal form that makes your interior space look bigger. This style is excellent for beautifying the exterior of your home.

Gliding: The gliding windows are like double-hung windows. The only thing is they slide horizontally and are easier to use. The two panes are fitted at an angle and glide over each other inside the window frame.

Awning: This window style consists of a casement flipped sideways and hinged on the top of the frame. The awning window can swing out entirely and is excellent for cross ventilation during summers and in humid areas like Miami gardens.

Picture: If you want to go for a large-sized window that is noticeable for the walls of your home, you should go for these picture windows that do not have any bars near the edges of the window frames. These windows have high aesthetic value and give your home an unobstructed view.

Our Impact-Resistant Window and Doors in Miami Gardens Installation Service

We have years of experience in installing impact windows and doors in and around areas of Miami Gardens and will help out in your home remodeling projects. We will suggest the best-suited window styles for your home and supply the best-in-class materials. We only use materials certified by authorized bodies in Florida and have a trained and skilled workforce that will complete your projects within the deadline. Our team is highly skilled and will perform the installation process following all the safety guidelines so that you can enjoy a hustle-free service.

Be it a home remodeling project or a new home you are building. Our service will help you to take care of all your windows and impact doors installation  and make your home a safe house. Installing high-quality superior impact windows and doors will help you safeguard your home against bad weather and thieves and protect your home all year round. Our impact windows also have a great resale value, providing you with an efficient option the next time you remodel your home.

Being a local service provider, we have a friendly and courteous staff that provides customer-centric service in Miami Gardens metropolitan area, including Palmetto Expy, Bunche Park, Scott lake, Norland, Andover, and Lake Lucerne. We will provide your home with all-around protection against hurricanes and high winds; all our employees are well-trained and come in handy if you are looking for the fastest turn-around time for your home project. So go ahead and give us a call to get quotes for your homes, or fill out your details in our online form so that we can reach you.

In need of a premier impact door and windows installer in Miami Gardens, FL? Contact us today to get impact windows for your home improvement and protection from the next hurricane!

About Miami Gardens, FL

Miami Gardens is a city in north-central Miami-Dade County, Florida, in the United States. It is located 16 miles (26 km) north of Downtown Miami with city boundaries that stretch from I-95 and Northeast 2nd Avenue to its east to Northwest 47th and Northwest 57th Avenues to its west, and from the Broward County line to its north to 151st Street to its south. The city's name originated from Florida State Road 860, a major roadway through the area also known as Miami Gardens Drive. Miami Gardens had a population of 111,640 as of 2020. It is Florida's most populous city with a majority African American population and also home to the largest percentage of African Americans (66.97 percent) of any city in Florida, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. It is a principal city within the Miami metropolitan area, the nation's ninth largest and world's 34th largest metropolitan area with a population of 6.158 million people as of 2020. Miami Gardens is the home of Hard Rock Stadium, a 64,767 capacity multi-purpose stadium that serves as the home field for both the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League and the Miami Hurricanes, the University of Miami's NCAA Division I college football team, which has won five national championships since 1983. == History == In the wake of the construction of I-95 in the late 1960s, many middle- and upper-income African American and West Indian American families migrated from Miami neighborhoods like Liberty City to what became Miami Gardens (also called Carol City, Norland or Norwood) as race-based covenants were outlawed with the Fair Housing Act, and mostly lower income blacks moved into the Liberty City and Little Haiti neighborhoods surrounding Liberty Square and Edison Courts. Miami Gardens was incorporated on May 13, 2003. The city's neighborhoods of Andover, Bunche Park, Carol City, Lake Lucerne, Norland, Opa-locka North, and Scott Lake were previously unincorporated areas within Miami-Dade County.

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